New Power Quality Solutions Custom Designed For Industrial Applications


While modern industrial facilities are enjoying huge benefits from the evolution of power electronic devices in terms of productivity, quality or cost-reduction, their high sensitivity and little ride-through capability to common power quality disturbances result in significant economic losses. Nowadays it is possible to reach almost 100% availability of power supply with both DC and AC for many applications. However there is still a gap when facing to apply some of these power quality solutions in high power industrial processes, for several reasons (investment, space, long-term energy losses cost, high temperatures or dirtiness, regenerative loads), since most of them were developed for IT industries. When immunizing against disturbances, purchasing cost, return on investment versus saving, maintenance cost, efficiency, size, reliability or availability are the key decision criteria to industrial decision makers.

Driven from the real need of industrial customers to solve power quality problems and having in mind these criteria, IBERDROLA in collaboration with CORPORACION ZIGOR has developed two families of power conditioning solutions specifically designed for industrial end-users and created to cover almost any kind of power quality issues.

These solutions have been validated in a variety of industrial facilities including ceramic tiles manufacturing, plastics and polymers processing, paper manufacturing or pumping stations.

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