Reduction of Electricity Costs and Investment Expenditures in the Power Supply System of a Lubin Mine


The implementation of capacitor reactive power compensation in the Lubin Mine has produced the expected technical and economic effects. One should, however, be aware that compensation could be applied only to the level determined by reactive power demand. Currently this level in the Lubin Mine is 11‑12 MVAr. In case of a significant increase of the concentration of output in the distant areas of the mine, other technical measures will be necessary.

The objective of a currently undertaken study is to develop a technically and economically feasible method for power supply of distant production sections, which consists in their electrical separation. All concept studies of the power supply system development should also take into consideration rational management of reactive power in both the supply networks and the loads. The rational management of reactive power should be based upon a continuous monitoring of load and reactive power flow.

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