EPQU Magazine Volume 3 Issue 1


Welcome to the first issue of Volume 3 of EPQU Magazine. I hope you will appreciate the new features and format of our renewed e-journal. So what's new?

First of all, EPQU Magazine becomes a fully and exclusively electronic magazine. The magazine fully exploits the benefits of electronic publication, such as reader comments and video interviews. Secondly, electronic publication allows more flexibility. EPQU Magazine invites your papers and articles anytime, and will review, process and publish contributions as they are received.

Finally, EPQU Magazine becomes a fully featured magazine, adding reader contributions, video interviews, reader questions and events to its regular content.

Highlights of the current issue include a series of case studies on power quality and energy efficiency in various industry sectors and a series of papers covering sector-specific power quality problems experienced in hospitals, large buildings or internet data centers. This issue also includes a number of vision statements on the future of power quality, i.e. its research needs, economics and regulatory framework.

The issue contains 20 featured papers and reader contributions, 3 video interviews and 4 reader questions.

We hope the new magazine meets your expectations