A New Closed Loop Speed Control Strategy for a Vector Controlled Three- Phase Induction Motor Drive


Anurag Tripathi, Arunima Dey, Bharti Dwivedi, Bhim Singh, Dinesh Chandra

This paper presents a completely mathematical equations based model on control of torque and speed of a three-phase indirect vector controlled VSI fed cage induction motor drive that is controlled through the space vector modulated method. This enables a wide range of acceptability of the model for various values of load and for various types and ratings of induction motors. The uniqueness of the model lies in the fact that the deviations in the torque and speed on sudden application of reference step change in speed values are minimum i.e.

when any sudden change in the speed reference is desired, the speed and torque waveforms reveal that the time taken in coming back to their final steady state values is very less and the motor overcomes the perturbation with negligible transients. The same is verified through the simulated results.

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