Power Quality Regulation in Norway


Kjell Sand, Helge Seljeseth, Knut Samdal

A new Power Quality Directive (PQD) developed by the Norwegian regulator was put into force January 1st 2005. The main purpose of the PQD is to ensure a satisfactory quality of supply in the Norwegian power system and contribute to a socio-economic rational operation, expansion and development of the power system, taking into account public and private interests that are affected. The regulations apply to those who wholly or partially own, operate or use electrical installations or electrical equipments that are connected to the Norwegian power system, and those who are designated as the transmission system operator.

The PQD includes new requirements for Power Quality (PQ) documentation, PQ information and PQ service as well as limits for certain voltage quality phenomena. The phenomena dealt with are mainly the same as defined in EN 50160. In the article a comparison with EN 50160 is given, as the PQD goes further than the EN 50160 on some phenomena.

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