Journal Volume 21 Issue 1

The Transient Performance of Partially-Undergrounded Overhead Lines in the Presence of Corona

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Mohamed M. Saied

The paper presents a method for investigating the electromagnetic transients of partially under-grounded high voltage overhead transmission lines in the presence of corona. It is based on a time domain model in which the corona is simulated by distributed voltage-dependent shunt current sources. The line segments and the inserted cable section are represented by a single equivalent transmission element having location-dependent circuit parameters per unit length. The numerical solution of the resulting set of differential equations yields the distributions of the voltage, the longitudinal current and the shunt corona current (per unit length) as functions of location and time. The presented two-, three-dimensional and contour plots proved to be helpful in discussing these distributions and in identifying any eventual current and/or voltage concentrations. The developed computer code in Mathematica can handle any time waveform of the source initiating the transients, any line termination as well as any lengths of the overhead line and cable section.

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