Journal Volume 18 Issue 2

On the Definition of Apparent Power

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Sevket Canturk, Murat Erhan Balci, Mehmet Hakan Hocaoglu

In this paper, the widely recognised apparent power definitions, which are Arithmetic, Vector, IEEE standard, DIN standard apparent power definitions and the apparent power definition of Mayordomo and Usaola, are rigorously reviewed, and their abilities on the measurement of the system’s power transfer efficiency are analysed by using a specially derived apparent power, which is calculated in terms of the total line losses of the system with and without the reactive power compensation. In the analyses, two major compensation strategies, namely the minimum line loss (MLL) and sinusoidal and balanced current (SBC) compensation strategies, are considered to determine the total line loss of the system with the compensation. Therefore, in a representative nonsinusoidal and unbalanced test system, the results are simulated by taking into account unbalance among the resistances of neutral and phase lines.

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