Journal Volume 17 Issue 1

Transformer Modelling for the Frequency and Transient Analyses, with Non-Uniform Inductance Emulating the Inter-Turn Magnetic Coupling

Mohamed M. Saied

A new procedure for analyzing power transformer windings with location-dependent circuit parameters, such as the series inductance, is presented. This dependence is introduced in order to take the inter-turn mutual inductive coupling into consideration. It can be expressed either by analytical expressions or even in a tabulated form. The paper addresses both the frequency and time domain analyses. They are based on replacing the winding by an adequate number of equivalent cascade connected two-ports. In contrast to the usual practice of applying the simple medium line representation, each of these two-ports is treated as a long transmission line. Their A, B, C, D generalized circuit constants will be therefore generally location-and frequency-dependent...

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Time-Domain CPC Decomposition: Answers to Comments on “Physical Interpretation of the Reactive Power in Terms of CPC Power Theory Revisited”

Dimitri Jeltsema, Jacob van der Woude

This note addresses some issues raised in [4] and refines some assertions made in the authors' previous work on the time-domain Currents’ Physical Components (CPC) decomposition.

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