A New Model for the Regulation of Distribution System Operators with Quality Elements that Includes the SAIDI/SAIFI/CRP/CPD Indices

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Grzegorz Putynkowski, Krzysztof Woźny, Paweł Balawender, Jacek Kozyra, Zbigniew Łukasik, Aldona Kusmińska - Fijałkowska, Edmund Ciesielka

This document is a description of quality regulation for Distribution System Opera­tors included in the new regulations model for 2016-2020 and informed by the SAIDI, SAIFI, CRP and CPD indices. The changes have an impact on the amount of return from regulated income of enterprises that distribute electric energy. In the new system, failure to fulfil the con­ditions and indices results in a decrease of return on capital for the DSOs.

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