Methods for Canceling the Power Frequency Magnetic and Electric Fields at Pre-Specified Points on the Lines' Corridors

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Mohamed M. Saied

Methods are presented for the cancellation of the power line’s magnetic and electric fields at pre-specified points close to the line corridor. For canceling the magnetic field, three auxiliary conductors constituting two mitigating loops are used. Their configuration should be geometrically similar to the arrangement of the 3-phase power line’s conductors, with respect to the point at which a zero magnetic field is required. A procedure is suggested for the optimal selection of the scaling factor relating the power conductors’ and the mitigating conductors’ geometrical dimensions. In a case study, the magnetic field reduction varies between 100% near the zero-field point to 35% to the right of that point, with an optimal scaling factor of 0.15. Similar procedure can be used for canceling the electric field at a pre-specified point...

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