Reviewing Procedures


All papers published in the EPQU Journal are peer-reviewed. The reviewing procedure is as follows:

  1. The submitted paper is evaluated formally by the managing editor and directed to the appropriate section editor.
  2. The section editor evaluates the paper with respect to its content, decides about qualifying to further review and suggests the reviewers’ names to the editor in chief.
  3. Two independent reviewers are appointed. The reviewers must not be affiliated with the institutions of the authors.
  4. The anonymous version of the paper is sent to the reviewers (without authors’ names and affiliations). The identity of reviewers is not revealed to the authors (double-blind review process).
  5. The reviewers prepare their reviews in a written form using the review form available at the Journal’s website ( Unequivocal conclusion concerning conditions of the publication or rejection of the paper is placed in the review.
  6. The reviewers’ remarks are communicated to the authors. The revised version of the paper is subjected to another review, if such was the suggestion of the reviewer.
  7. The editor in chief takes final decision on the acceptance or rejection of the proposed paper for publication.
  8. The accepted paper is published without revealing the reviewers’ identities.
  9. The list of reviewers is published once a year.