Corona Modeling for the Transient Analysis, Steady State and Corona Loss Performance of Transmission Lines

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Mohamed M. Saied

This paper addresses the steady state analysis and the electromagnetic transients of overhead power transmission lines exhibiting corona. After a brief survey of the currently available modeling techniques, an alternative approach to the simulation of the corona discharge is presented. It is based on adding voltage-dependent current sources at prespecified nodes within the line’s lumped, ladder-shaped, equivalent circuit including an aduqate number of sections. The characteristics of these current sources can be determined using the usually available corona power loss measurements under power frequency sinusoidal voltage conditions. The line model is used for finding its transient response using time domain techniques. Several voltage excitation waveforms and magnitudes as well as different line’s loading conditions are investigated. As a further application of the suggested approach, the minimizion of the total corona losses of a long shunt compensated line will be considered as an additional criterion in the process of identifying the appropriate rating and location of the compensating coil primarily used for improving the line’s voltage profile.

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